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  • What a Great Resource!

    As a new teacher it is so helpful to have a place to go find quality educational tools. I tend to spend hours on lesson planing, so when I find a good website that I can easily print off grade level appropriate materials, I am one happy teacher. I have used this website not only for my kiddos at school but for my struggling readers at home. I have printed reading materials, math lessons and even some fun stuff too. I would recommend this site to any teacher or parent looking for great educational resources.

    Shannon – Salt Lake City, UT
    Loyal Customer
  • Very Beneficial!

    This curriculum has been very beneficial in my class. Having kindergartners on all different levels this curriculum helps me reach all my students. Learn with giggles helps me challenge my highest students and helps my lowest understand the next thing they are learning to be a successful reader. It provides stories that are fun and at a level that kids can be successful at and learn without a huge amount of assistants

    Aubrey – Orem, Utah
    Loyal Customer
  • I Highly Recommend the Subscription!

    Life would have been a lot easier if I had found this website earlier.  I teach preschool, and have bought a tons of books to help, but none had everything I needed.  Learn With Giggles not only had it all, but it was organized so that I could find it when I wanted it.  I recommend buying the subscription, it ended up a lot cheaper for me, and I got more stuff too.

    Tessa Mitchell – Payson, Utah
    Loyal Customer
  • This Website has Everything!

    I am so grateful I found Learn With Giggles.  I knew my own children were missing reading skills, but I didn’t know which ones, how to figure that out, and then HOW to teach them. The teacher helps gave me the “hows” and the rest of the website had everything I needed to make it work. I knew my child knew letters, but I didn’t know she couldn’t blend letters, well now she can. She liked the cute stories, and the fairy audio stories were fun for me to listen to too.  Thanks!

    Bryce’s Mom – Marshalltown, Iowa
    Loyal Customer
  • Get Resources Anytime!

    It is so fun to work with Learn with Giggles this year in class. I listened to forty kindergartners read all day long. I have a student that has very short term memory. The beginning sight words with the pictures worked so well with this student that he’s doing well. Learn with Giggles is there to get resources anytime. I can say that he has his sounds and letters and is just starting to read. You might think that it’s not a lot!  But for this student it is Big!

    Thanks, Raeann!

    Sondra Kranendonk – Provo, Utah
    Loyal Customer
  • Wonderful Resource!

    I am a special education teacher, finding this website is one of the best things that has ever happened. Learn with giggles website is a wonderful resource that I use in my classroom everyday. Students are learning their letters with the books, and having fun with the activities that are provided in the website. There are so many different resources that are helping the students that are struggling to read in my class, it helps me with figuring out what skills they need to learn, as well as teaching them.

    Carlie – Salt Lake City, Utah
    Special Education Teacher