Learn with Giggles, LLC.

“Enrichment made EASY and FUN!”

Learn With Giggles LLC was created when I taught my own children’s preschool. The materials I needed didn’t exist, so I made them myself. I wanted books for the children to take home every time they came to class. That was expensive, so I took the concept of the 8 page beginning book, and designed it into a downloadable piece of paper that is printed double sided, cut down the middle and across the middle, a staple and a children’s book is ready to be read and loved. I needed worksheets, stories, and ideas of what and how to teach. So I made those too. Everything for teaching preschool in the ABC Units, grew into other reading and math skills to teach phonics and sight words, along with science, social studies and math skills. Learn With Giggles continues to grow with the first stories about fairies, to new ones about a giant bear named Gunther that will be on the sight.

I started teaching when I was a teenager and just going to college. I graduated from Iowa State University and taught in Utah for several years. When my own children were born, I wanted to teach them. I joined a neighborhood preschool, and it was a huge blessing for my family. I want that to continue to others. I now teach college math, but still love the little ones, and enjoy adding new content to the website so others can have the benefit of my experience.